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Default Re: kroenke is screwing us

This is time for the money- kroenke has to step up- they will have to buy somebody off to move kmart- if he expires that hurts the franchise bad- its like giving away 25 percent of your assets, even if its your worst valued assets it still a big part of what you have- chances are someone kmart was traded too waives him anyway so nugs could always re-sign him
Will the nugs pay to get better? Haven't for years but now it is time
For instance if gs won't do beidrins + gadzurich or radmonovic for kmart, maybe they would trade all 3 if nugs would take on salary(maybe that's too much salary, but my point is maybe nugs have to take in an extra 3-4 mill to make a deal happen and I'm worried they won't
This is not the time to have an uncommited to winning ownership group, carmelo and the core is ready to win now
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