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Default Re: kroenke is screwing us

I use to hate Karl and I still think his coaching might not be the BEST fit for somebody like Melo. He still has him leak out on the break to help him gain position when rebounding is one of our big concerns and Melo could really help out with that if given a bigger chance. Rebounding wins ball games too. But he can really control the ego's on this team and keep everybody doing there job. Nuggets need him and I think it showed why this playoffs.

Anyways gringo's your trades sucks. Vlad Rad? Seriously? AB wouldn't be bad and provide size and rebounding but he's coming off a pretty crappy year and if were losing K-Mart I don't see how it even makes us THAT much better if at all. People need to take a look at our record without K-Mart and realize the impact this guy has defensively. Look at his numbers when Melo\Billups are out he was KILLING it in that one stretch. Your right that we have to get something for his contract and I'd probably take AB just for the shake up but I think there might be a better deal or two out there that doesn't include Vlad Rad.

Fact of the matter is if you want to be realistic the Nuggets don't have the pieces to grab a player or two that will make us the favorites. You can't blame the FO when there not getting anything because there's no teams that want to give something up. We have K-Mart's contract and Ty Lawson witch none of us want to be traded.

IMO our best bet is to sign some bigs for depth and take another run next year. Hope we have a healthy year surprise some people get the 2-4th seed and hope we hit our stride at the right time and upset somebody. I'd rather we grab someone that's going to have a HUGE impact and take us to another level but I'm not getting my hopes up because it's unlikey that it happens. Here's hoping I'm wrong tho.
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