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Default Re: (w)NBA Offseason Discussion

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Bosh and Wade will need a lot of help. Not sold on that pairing as far as considering them favorites. Orlando, Boston and wherever LBJ is might have something to say about that.

I thought Amare was an OK signing, as some of the teams with cap space will end up with nothing of note. It puts them in the LeBron sweepstakes (now that Bosh is in Miami), and if Minnesota is still interested in David Lee, NYK could potentially have a front line of Al Jefferson, Amare and LeBron. [Stephen A.] nothing to sneeze at [Smith/].

I want LeBron to go to New York.
Yeah, bosh will certainly look good offensively next to wade with his nice jumper, but defensively he just isnt very good. I think they will be a good team, just not tops in the league.

I kind of like the amar'e signing, but Im not a knicks fan. If they land lebron its great, if they dont, they have a big who needs to be the primary offensive weapon (or one of them) but doesnt make good passes to open shooters/cutters. In addition, he rebounds like its an optional component of the game and defends like hes warm butter and the ballhandler is a steakknife. still, it makes them better than they were.

does he play the 5 for them? If they could really get al jeff I like this team, thought the D will be terrible. But with Dantoni, would it matter who was on the squad?!
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