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Default Re: (w)NBA Offseason Discussion

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Gotta remember that Bosh was the defacto 5 in Toronto and did pretty well. I've got a feeling he will be a beast if left at his natural 4 position with DWade. One question is: What does the Heat now do with Beasly?
I was wondering the same. hes no full time 3 in the league that is for sure. I keep seeing trade rumors, but then other reports saying teams are wary of him. so, maybe bosh plays defacto 5 in MIA as well? Is J. anthony coming back (other teams will almost certainly offer him more than the vets min - same with haslem). How much are those guys worth to the heat with their remaining capspace (presuming KBJ doesnt go there)? so what legit 5 are they going to get?
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