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Default Re: Kevin Durant signs 5 year extension

Harden All Star? He has to show us he is even a productive starter first. He belongs in the "could be AS worthy" at best for now.

Originally Posted by DuMa
ownership looks great now but it isnt proven that they will be spending the money to spend on a FA big (which they need). that is, if they can attract the big name FAs to Oklahoma City in the first place. its the same thing KG went through in Minnesota. it looked good in 2004 when they went to the WCFs but it became a sinking ship thereafter.

You cant compare OKC to Minny. Different circumstances hindered Minny. One was KG contract, another was loss of first rd picks. We dont know if FA would be attracted to go to OKC. But a young, rising team is attractice to FAs. See Elton Brand and Sixers.
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