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Default Re: the suspicious thing about the Chicago Bulls

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
I have flip flopped on this issue 50 times, two days ago I thought it was Cleveland but Bosh went to Miami killing that, now I think it is NY, but with ZERO news coming from Chicago, and the Bulls having signed Boozer, I have a sneaky suspicion that the Bulls might be the team, and all the NYK, Miami talk of the past two days is all a distraction.

This 'show' is a big production for ESPN, it doesn't make any sense that a SC reporter would scoop the show but telling us its Miami. The network wouldn't allow that to happen.

Is LeBron going to Chicago?

to me i would think it's cleveland and i only say this because i can not imagine lebron or his people being co callous as to flip off the city and say "ciao, it's been fun" on a nationally broadcast 1 hour special... if he does he's going to be right there next to the owner of the original browns in popularity
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