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definitely not the 2nd option where we send $3.1 million away. Not a lot of details but the breakdown for houston would be trading away Jared Jeffries and getting Tyson Chandler in return. I really liked jeffries last season. from what i saw, he is one of the best man to man defenders in the league, yes i really mean that. i see him guard players from the 2 to 5 position. he can draw charges and he will be a solid contributor off the bench or if an injury comes along. hell i would be confident in starting him. with that said, there's not a lot of 7 footers out there. Chandler is tall and long. he can rebound and block shots and use his body to protect the paint. there isn't a whole bunch of offense in his game other than dunking but he would be a very useful player as a backup center of if the unfortunate happens.

i don't know im kind of torn. i like having the idea of having 3 wing defenders in battier-ariza-jeffries. i guess we could afford to lose 1 of the 3 but i hope not 2 and definitely not battier. iv been hearing too many rumors of battier and ariza getting traded and we can't afford to lose all 3 players. you also gotta factor in that chandler has only played about 100 games the past 2 seasons.

i think i would do the trade. we could really use chandler's height and lenght and for many reasons it's good to have him in the roster.
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