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Default David Lee S&T official?

Ive read that the trade is now official, after LeBron James chose Miami.

We send David Lee for Anthony Randolph Kelena Azubuke and Ronny Turiaf.

We now have a starting Center in place.

PG: x/ Douglas
SG: Chandler/Azubuike
SF: Gallinari/ Walker
PF: Amar'e Stoudamrie/ Turiaf
C: Randolph/ Barron

We need a PG badly. Maybey we could trade Curry and Chandler to SAS for Tony Parker. Bump Azubuike up to starting SG and have Bill Walker become our back up SG and have one of our 2nd rounders back up Gallo.

PG: Parker/Douglas
SG: Azubuike/Walker
SF: Gallinari/ Rautins
PF: Stoudemire/ Turiaf
C: Randolph/ Barron

I guess that's the ideal team at this point.
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