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Default Dear Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

I think at this point any true fan has accepted the Mistake by the Lake title and LeBron leaving puts a certified signature on that, but regardless of that as I said before I was a Cavaliers fan before LeBron came, and I will be one there afterwards.

Ask for my opinion on LeBron and his decision? I'm highly disappointed of course. I think any true fan would be because he brought the best chance to win a title to that city without a doubt. He told the city himself he wouldn't leave until he brought a championship to that city. And frankly I think when he said that he felt like they would win it last year, that way he could win it and just up and leave without any love lost between him and the city because he did what he said. Which makes me feel like he was up to ready to leave anyway in the first place.

I don't wish anything bad on the man, he'll be successful or he'll fail at what he wants to accomplish. And he'll live with those accomplishments or consequences, but there's no doubt in my mind with most people this will be viewed upon as him running away from something he promised a city, but to no avail he and the organization themselves failed to bring to the city of Cleveland. His legacy is tarnished in my eyes. I've always been a fan of players that stuck it out their entire careers with a team, even in failure (ie: Reggie Miller). I for one cannot wait to tune into that first Heat @ Cavaliers game and watch the hate that spew from people's mouths, at what love people will shout from the rafters all for a man who plays a kids game, in a world dominated by business and money.

Good luck Mr. LeBron James. Thanks for the memories and ultimately bringing us back down to earth with your departure.

A True Cavaliers Fan,
Wayne J. of hometown Cincinnati, OH
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