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Ok, we all know the Jazz need shooting. That much was apparent last year in our horrendous 3-point shooting. In fact, i think that's why Memo did so well from beyond the arc cuz the opposing defenses knew all they had to do was collapse inside and take their chances with the jazz's outside shooting - which is usually a good gamble for them. We also know Deron Williams is gonna be the MAIN distributor of the squad, so having a playmaker at the 2 spot isn't as high a priority (but it would be nice). The 2 must flat out shoot the ball. It would be great if he were also a lockdown defender (to guard the likes of kobe and wade... raja, we miss you) but that combo probably won't be found in the draft this year. The 2 should also be able to slash to the hoop and have the ability to kick it out to deron, memo, etc. I love Redick's game and even tho he's a major defensive liability at the NBA level, I think his positives more than make up for his negatives. The jazz play a screen-and-shoot game... simple as that. And J.J. does that one thing with the best of them. As for an interior presence, yes, we're lacking on the defensive end, (Boozer can hold down the fort on offense) but i hope we don't address that need with the 14th pick in the draft. We need a shooter. period.
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