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Default Re: Dan Gilbert's open letter to Cavs fans

Originally Posted by Court Vision
I hope LeBron drops 50 on his pathetic team and awful city.

LeBron made the best decision for HIM. Not his legacy, or bball fans, or Dan f*cking Gilbert.

The guy sounds like a whiny b*tch right now who just got dumped. This letter is the classic "you're gonna want me back when I'm rich" line that people say after a breakup.

Cleveland will win won before LeBron? LMAO with who? No one wants to play in that dead town.

Gilbert should be thanking James for the past seven years and all he has done for that team.

In 7 years, they could never put a good team around LeBron. Mo Williams, Antawn Jamison, a broken down Shaq...what a joke.
I hope he does the chalk routine when he goes back to cleveland.
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