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Default Re: Lee-to-Warriors is NY's Plan B

are u kiddin me? 1st of all i never was "giddy" about gettin ellis but him and beidrins can play.2nd of all,how can you be "giddy" when all these guys were on another team with a way better pg and sg and big man than we had and didnt sniff the playoffs.i like randoplh but we have enough sf' he's rail thin.Turiaf will be sharing heart meds with curry and azabuike followed a gr8 year with a decent-mediocre one.I wouldnt mind right if we can get him to eat somethin.this isnt a bad deal because all their deals end in a year but its nothing to get "giddy" over.Giddy just made a ***** move and went to miami to play with an NBA LIVE roster lmao...i still cant believe LeBron is a punk like that
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