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Default Re: Scathing Letter from Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert

Originally Posted by Derka
What's amazing to me...

If Lebron had gone through all this hoopla and then chosen to stay with the Cavs...none of these Cavs fans would be mad and Dan Gilbert would be stroking Lebron's shaft again like he's done for 7 years.

But because he didn't choose Cleveland, this whole spectacle is suddenly offensive and its a betrayal and yadda yadda yadda.
Read my posts for the past two weeks. I've been consistently saying that, regardless of whether or not he decided to return to Cleveland, I will have lost a massive amount of respect for LeBron and I would have a hard time rooting for him due to this whole grandiose charade.

I've probably said it 20+ times in the last 14 days.

Now, you throw in his callous, self-centered, stone-faced interview about his 'talents'.... Yeah, we're mad.
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