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Default Re: Smart move by Dan Gilbert

Originally Posted by ds123
Yes, the letter was in Comic Sans font. Yes, random sentences were in all caps. Yes, he made random biblical references to heaven. And Yes, he didn't end with 'Sincerely, Dan Gilbert", but rather "DELIVERING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Dan". And Yes, he used terms of like 'never before experiences levels of motivation"

But he had to do this. If he towed a corporate line and made some random generic response like "We regret LBJ did not stay and wish him well. We appreciate the years we was here, and regret we could not continue our partnership. We will continue to strive for our goals to win championships", Cleveland folks would have just laughed, gave up, and moved on.

The way he spoke, like part of the Internet message board mob, seems to me like he was trying to create a mob mentality. Rally around the flag approach. Get Cavs fans pumping their fists in support, with the common unifying thread being sticking it to LBJ and trying to support the team in helping Gilbert complete his goal of winning a ring before LBJ. Wouldn't have worked with a carefully crafted, generic letter.

So basically, what I'm saying is the letter was so stupid and delusional that it was smart. Or, I suppose it could have just been stupid and delusional.
actually a really interesting take.
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