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Default Re: Dear Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

I'm a Bulls fan, but have hated LeBronze for a couple years. I'm sorry you guys lost the best player in franchise history. The city deserved better, and the way that egomaniac went and said on national TV was the worst act I think any sports star could have done that wasn't technically a crime. I'm glad that the media has started to turn against him finally, and that some people are starting to finally realize what a real egomaniac, overrated, overappreciated, fool he is.

At least his legacy is done for. He'll be the Pau to Wade's Gasol. And I really believe the bad karma will follow him there. He'll never be the player who he was compared to most famously. Because he's not. he's taking the cheap way out to be the King with a ring. Instead of The King of the First Round.

Remember that you guys stayed classy until the end, begging and pleading with him to stay.
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