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Default Re: The WNBA Noitu Lovers' take on LeBron's decision

Originally Posted by boozehound
wilcox exercised his player option with detroit. I had always been a fan as well, but this last season really soured me on him. You can have him for powell.

he always seemed poised to breakout with the Sonics. I'm sure he was a letdown for the Pistons- pretty sh*tty when you're losing all your minutes to Kwame Brown.

he's an underachiever for sure. we put him with his buddy steve blake and the zen master we'll get something out of him.

boy i love luke but his contract is kind of a joke. Sasha too considering the minutes he played last year. was reading your post about our finances in the other thread, not sure I fully understand but glad to hear we have a little wiggle room.
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