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I just came home from seeing this movie and I loved it! 4 stars (out of four)!

For all you haters or the people who liked some of it but didn't like the ending, I guess you don't understand some of it.

If you haven't seen it yet you probably don't want to read this...

Sure the ending didn't answer the question, "What happens next?" or "How will the world change because of the baby?" It just assumes that the girl made it to the boat. The ending was so quick because it just fit with the pace of the movie. Everything happened so quickly. From the opening scene with the explosion in the Cafe to Julianne Moore's character getting killed (I thought she would've been in it more than she was), the movie was surprisingly simple, smart, and fast.

I was happy to see Clive Owen's character die. I hate movies where the likeable character gets through the impossible. With all those undodgeable bullets flying through the air, he had to die. If he didn't die, I would have been extremely disappointed and probably would have cost the movie a star and a half.

Just a few thoughts...
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