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Default Re: 2010 Season Predictions

Divison Standings:
NFC East:
1. Dallas
2. Philly
3. NYG
4. Wash

NFC West:
1. SF
2. Az
3. Sea
4. StL

NFC South:
1. Atl
2. NO
3. TB
4. Car

NFC North:
1. GB
2. Min
3. Chi
4. Det

AFC East:
1. Mia
2. NYJ
3. NE
4. Buf

AFC West:
1. SD
2. Oak
3. Den
4. KC

AFC South:
1. Hou
2. Indy
3. Ten
4. Jax

AFC North:
1. Bal
2. Cinn
3. Pitt
4. Cle


Passing TD's: Aaron Rodgers

Receiving TD's: Andre Johnson

Receiving yards: Andre Johnson

Rushing TD's: Michael Turner

Rushing yards: Steven Jackson

Sacks: Mario Williams

Tackles: Patrick Willis

Highest scoring offense in league: Texans

Lowest scoring offense in league: Browns

Best defense (ppg) in league: Ravens

Worst defense (ppg) in league: Rams

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive POY: Andre Johnson

Defensive POY: Darrelle Revis (I'm not one of those "Revis is the best CB ever" guys, but he'll keep gettin the hype)

Offensive ROY:

Defensive ROY: Dez Bryant

Best Record in League (how many wins?): TBA (I'll look at team schedules later)

Worst Record in League (how many wins?): Rams, 2 wins

Breakout Star: Idk. I'll just put Tanard Jackson, Tampa safety.

Superbowl participants and winner: Cowboys vs Ravens

Most Competitive Division This Year: AFC East

Team Being Slept On: (Not sure what this means, "slept on" like a sorry team from last year who will have a .500 season or a .500 team from last year who will b 10-6). 1st scenario I listed, Buccaneers, 2nd scenario, Texans

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