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Default Re: 2010 Season Predictions

Divison Winners:
NFC East- Dallas Cowboys
NFC West- San Francisco 49ers
NFC South- New Orleans Saints
NFC North- Minnesota Vikings
AFC East- New York Jets
AFC West- San Diego Chargers
AFC South- Indianapolis Colts
AFC North- Baltimore Ravens


Passing TD's: Phillip Rivers

Receiving TD's: Randy Moss

Receiving yards: Andre Johnson

Rushing TD's: Adrian Peterson

Rushing yards: Adrian Peterson

Total yards rushing/receiving: Adrian Peterson

Sacks: Jared Allen

Tackles: Demeco Ryans

Highest scoring offense in league: Chargers

Lowest scoring offense in league: Browns

Best defense (ppg) in league: Jets

Worst defense (ppg) in league: Rams

MVP: Peyton Manning

Offensive POY: Adrian Peterson

Defensive POY: Demarcus Ware

Offensive ROY: Ryan Matthews

Defensive ROY: Chris Cook

Best Record in League (how many wins?): Colts 14

Worst Record in League (how many wins?): Rams 2

Breakout Star (offense or defense, can't be rookie): Chad Henne

Superbowl participants and winner: Vikings vs. Jets winner Vikings

Most Competitive Division This Year: AFC South/NFC East

Team Being Slept On: 49ers
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