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Default Re: players nugs should target

Originally Posted by jello212
It's because they're afraid of his speed. If you play Lawson for the shot, he's by you in a flash. The fact that teams don't play up on Lawson has nothing to do with them thinking that he can't shoot.
Lawson does have world class bball talent with speed- I don't argue that, and his speed is a factor
But you have to try to look at the fact that having guys like kenyon and afflalo as well as lawson, birdman playing the weak side offense the other teams completly leave that side of the court- karl uses carmelo and nene and the way teams defend them to get wide open shots for afflalo, lawson, KMART, and the ac's of the world
Those easy weakside scoring opportunities should be given to JR and the team needs something different then kenyon martin sending wide open missle bricks from 18 feet out, the other big guy that plays with carmelo and nene has to be able to shoot and/or they have to put jr out with carmelo, nene, and billups
They are all supposed to defend, nugs have to get a more balanced offensive linup all the time but for sure that 12-16 minutes at the beginning of halves- inserting a shooter at pf or c and jr into the starting lineup would make the nuggets the best offensive team in the league- and then afflalo and birdman and those guys can always bring more defense and let the roleplayers play roles they belong in
I really believe that karls dislike of carmelo and jr have kept him from putting those guys in spots to succeed, and its hurt the franchise- time to put egos aside if you are karl-
In basketball you play your best guys as much as possible and you build around them- you don't use them to try to make other people better, that's too hard-
How can you expect jr to know how to play with and fit billups, carmelo, and nene at the end of games and seasons- you have to put him in billups pocket from the beginning of camp- anyone who has played basketballl knows that the starters that go through all the walkthroughs and practices get really used to each other- it would make a difference
I don't think anybody should be able to say they've given jr the chance that is best for him to succeed- they always sold it as well its best for the team to have him as the scorer/creator off the bench and having to do it all- and then you complain about mistakes and efficiancy
Put JR as a starter from the get go and the nuggets become unbelievably hard to cover and then they learn to play together so they know how to at the ends of games and seasons
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