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Let Kandi and Dickau walk in the off-season without a renewal offer. Draft Marcus Williams at 7. In the 2nd round take Dee Brown (should still be around)for a back-up combo guard who can knock down the 3 and knows how to win - has to be better than Tony Allen. Try desparately to trade LaFrentz and Al Jefferson (who didn't develop at all this season and won't under Rivers but still qualifies under the "big man with potential" trade value inflation rule) to anyone who will take them, preferably for an experienced big that is good for at least 16 and 10 with an expiring contract (i.e. Carlos Boozer). Resign Dwayne Jones for the minimum if the Jefferson / LaFrentz trade for 1 player works.

Establish a regular starting lineup of:

Drafted PG
Delonte West
Ryan Gomes
Kendrick Perkins

With a bench rotation including:

Dee Brown
Gerald Green (to play at least 20 mins a night at 2-guard and replace West as a starter after the all-star break if he has a break-out season)
Wally Sczerbiak
(move Gomes to bench with acquired big in starting line up and Dwayne Jones if trade successful and remove Jefferson and LaFrentz)

With bench warmers:

Tony Allen
Dwayne Jones (if not in 9 man rotation above)
Brian Scalabrine
2nd round pick

That will free up enough cap room to resign Perkins, Gomes, West and Green without hitting the cap in the next 2 seasons.

Alternative is to offer LaFrentz, Jefferson, Allen and the 1st round pick (West would switch to starting PG) for one of Jermaine O'Neal or KG, fire both Ainge and Rivers, hire Rick Adelman and a decent GM and hope that them combined with Pierce takes you to the promised land.
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