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Default One thing about curry...

One thing a lot of people against Curry mention is how he has been in the league for 5 years or whatever, but what I don't hear anyone mention is that maybe he just hasn't had a good enough coach before now. I'm not gonna say Isiah is the greatest coach ever, but he did have A LOT to do with the emergence of Brad Miller and Jermaine O'Neal while he was in Indiana. He does know how to coach big men.

Maybe Curry just hasn't had a good bigman coach before in Chicago, and now that he is with Isiah I think a lot of people are seeing improvement. The fact is he is still only 24, which means he can still learn how he needs to play the game. I think he's doing a great job this year, and soon he will be a lot more consistent and will dominate almost any Center in the league. Give him his props, and be patient.
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