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I don't really care for Barbosa starting over Bell. I think Leandro is better suited playing the opponents second unit. He can be a huge spark off the bench. I feel that Bell has earned his stripes, and that he brings a little more to the team than Barbosa.


I think the Suns should have:


Although, IF everyone is healthy, then we have flexiblity to adapt to the opposing team's lineup((mostly in the playoffs when adjustments are needed even more)).

Second Unit:

FA or Rookie or Grant
Jones or Timmy...whichever is here next year.
House...although I am REALLY favoring the idea of getting Knight...although that wouldn't fix our long term goal of getting a PG to take Nash's place when he's gone.

I love Diaw and Barbosa...but((for now)), they are fitted to come off the bench, assuming Amare is healthy. Although he wont have to average 26 points per, which is good, he will still get around 20 or so. Barbosa will be the spark off the bench, and Diaw will be the all-around-do-it-all-man. His assists will sky-rocket once Amare comes back.

If everyone is healthy, the future looks bright.

Rab, do you think the Suns should try and trade up and pick up Shelden Williams? I think he would be a GREAT compliment for PHX on defense.
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