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Default Re: End the speculation: Pacers and CIB reach deal on Fieldhouse

The IndyStar comments are just terrible. I mean they always are, for every article, but it just shows you how far the team has to go in public relations. So many are just misinformed and outdated, the whole team is thugs! What's the team even supposed to do about that, have commercials saying we've gone X days (a lot more than the Colts btw) w/o a player arrest?

It's just the state man, such fairweather fans. I don't blame people for not spending their cash on the team with everything that's going on right now, but is it that hard to keep up on them a bit? I was too young for the telethon, but if 4 years of no playoffs is all it takes to seemingly turn an entire fanbase against you I understand why it was needed now.

This whole thing couldn't have happened at a worse time. The team stinks, the economy stinks, the stigma of the phrase "bailout" and the Star repeatedly using it.
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