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Default Re: Youngins, whats your way about playing elders?

Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
I've been in that situation before.
You just have got to earn their respect. Make the right decisions on the court, don't force things or take bad shots. Rebound the ball, be patient, play good defense and they will start to appreciate your game. Once you get some chemistry with those guys you can start playing your style. It is important to play hard and ask questions, they probably have more knowledge about the game than you so they can help you out a lot.

Agreed, I play with alot of guys that have played college ball and generally they don't let highschoolers play. Someone has to generally vouch for them or they get a conditional chance. This group is pretty good so I understand the restrictions. if they come in trying to play team ball and working hard they will continue to play. These pickup games are much like an organized game. No BS, cherry picking or lack of hustling or attempting to take over. Everyone makes the extra pass.

I play with other groups that are different. Some other groups play out of control and fast break all day.

Watch a couple of games, try to fit in and win. That is the best way to stand out.
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