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Default The Texas Rangers are the sports soap opera of the year and nobody knows it

I wouldn't think it was believable if it was a movie.

lets go through the drama

A traditionally awful team is playing great and will be in first place at the allstar break. Their team leader is Mike Young, an all around good guy and consistent player who is a lifelong Ranger and became the teams all time hits leader this season.

Their star player is Josh Hamilton who helped revitalize interest in the team is a recovering drug addict and is potentially the MLB MVP. He has fallen off the wagon as recently as last year and doesn't even remember the night in question he was so torn up.

Somehow Vlad Guerrero falls into their laps in the off season and shows the Angels were foolish to give up on him getting healthy. He proceeds to already crush his stats from last year and reminds the division rival that gave up on him with home run blasts over and over when he returns to his old home.

Their manager also recently got busted using coke. He claimed it was a first time thing but who in the world believes a 50 year old man just now decided to use cocaine?

Their ownership situation is unbelievable. Tom Hicks, one of the most hated owners in sports, goes bankrupt and must sell.

Texas legend, one of the greatest pitchers ever, team president and the man that first made the Rangers relevant in the Metroplex, Nolan Ryan is part of a group vying to buy the team.

Things look good until creditors, the largest individual being hated former player Alex Rodriguez, sue the team and Hicks to force him to sell to a higher bidder so they can collect more money.

A judge keeps delaying the decision on the sale to the point that it seems the Rangers will not have a chance to make a trade for a run at the World Series.

Somehow, Ryan and GM John Daniels pull off the cockblock of the season by turning the tables on the evil Empire Yankees by swooping in and snagging pitching ace Cliff Lee at the last moment. The Rangers just out-Yankee the Yankees.

Word leaks that Dallas billionaires including Jeff Beck and local and controversial sports owner Mark Cuban enter the bidding process. The possibility the MLB commissioner Bud Selig backed Ryan/Greenberg ownership group may not get the team.

One of the other potential owners was interviewed and when asked of John Daniels and Nolan Ryan would remain with the team if he got them and paused for a moment, said "No comment. But what I can say is this has been a long process and when its over I'll take you out for a steak and explain it all."

The Rangers end the first half of the season getting swept by one of the worst teams in baseball bringing back memories of the typical hapless team the Metroplex sport community knows and ignores.

Now Nolan Ryan and Greenberg are suing the team to try and force the originally agreed upon deal they thought they had to be forced through.

MLB ultimatley has the decision on who buys the team. So the winner of the bidding may not even get the team.

On top of all that, if Ryan/Greenberg win out, its possible the creditors may take this all the way to the Supreme Court to challenge Major League Baseball's infamous antitrust exemption. This is obviously something MLB wants to avoid considering they just ruled against the NFL who was requesting similar protection.

This is just crazy.

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