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Default Re: The Texas Rangers are the sports soap opera of the year and nobody knows it

Originally Posted by SALFORD-RED
Interesting that Hicks leaves and the team start to improve. Of course he has worked his "magic" at Liverpool and they are in dire straits right now.

What exactly is the situation with the team's ownership stance right now, are they in receivership/bankruptcy kentatm?

they are in bankruptcy which is why the Ryan/Greenberg group may end up losing the team.

apparently, Hicks wanted $40 million more from R/G and he wasn't going to get it. He kept asking MLB to allow him to open bidding again and they wouldn't.

Some lawyer (dunno if it was an MLB or a Hicks lawyer) decided to put the team into bankruptcy so MLB has lost most control over what they can do. The deal would already be done had that not happened.
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