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Default Re: Q-rich agrees to deal with Orlando Magic

Originally Posted by zORi
We're already over the salary cap, and it looks like we might get even deeper thanks to Chicago. Someone had to take a cut.

Well yeah I know that Orlando has a retardedly high payroll already, but I'm just speaking in general. After the Warriors great run (which he was playing on a minimum contract then of course), he signed a 1 year deal to return to the Warriors for 3 million. The next year he signed for the minimum with the Suns and put up 10, 5.5, and 2.8 in 27 minutes a game. Pretty solid year far as I can tell. After that, he gets about a 500,000 dollar raise (I think he was at like 1.1 million with the Suns, then he got 1.6 million last year with the Magic) and again is a pretty large contributor.

I just don't seem to understand why he hasn't been able to get a decent multi-year contract ever. It baffles me, I understand big guys get overpaid, so the Kwame, Darko, Nazr, Diop, etc contracts aren't as valid of a comparison, but ****, Travis Outlaw just got 5 years and 35 million.

I just wanna see the guy get taken care of now.
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