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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Jazz Sealing the deal to get Al Jefferson

Originally Posted by JayGuevara
Did you watch the draft and the subsequent trades?

Even assuming Jefferson is gone, you just traded for Beasely also. Love is a PF, obviously Kahn has a man-crush on Darko, who appears to be your starter at C. With Pekovic needing minutes as well. So someone is getting shafted on minutes in the frontcourt, unless Kahn/Rambis think Beasely is a SF, which still doesn't make sense cuz you just got Wesley Johnson and traded for Martell Webster. And Brewer is still on the roster as well.

So you have a gaping hole at SG, a cluster**** of a frontcourt, and supposedly Kahn is also trying to sign Luke Ridnour. Another PG is just what the team needs, right?

I'll say it for the 545th time on ISH, Rambis is the one pushing for Darko, not Kahn. Beasley is a 3/4 tweener and will probably get 30 MPG. Webster > Babbit. Pekovic won't see heavy minutes thats true. The Lazar pick didn't make much sense. Johnson will split time at the 2/3. Webster will play the 2/3. Brewer will go to the bench where he belongs.
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