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Default Re: WNBA: The new ISH

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Reports are that Big Z is in talks with Miami.... Which would obviously be another huge slap in the face to us.

Make it stop.
haha at least you're laughing... sometimes the hits just keep on coming.... but you know what? a buddy and i were talking about all this at lunch today and we both kinda feel in the long run the cavs will be stronger for this...

ownership and the fans have a taste for winning, it's been seen the city supports a winner and you have an owner who seems committed to winning.. he seems to understand that success brings fans in.. i'm not going to say he's done everything right, to be honest i don't follow the cavs inner workings that close but from what i have seen the last few months he's not afraid to spend the money which is half the battle as a fan... a solid gm and an owner that opens his wallet can work miracles
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