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Default Re: Douchebags on the court.

Wow I considered starting a thread like this but I never got to it. Turns out there are more douches than I thought.

Just last week I was at my gym and I played some 2 on 2. It was me and my classmate (who's not bad at all) against another high schooler and probably some college kid.

The high schooler was pretty big so my friend guarded him and I played the college guy cause he was like a guard. I'm playing D pretty well against the college guy and he's missing alot of shots. He probably went 30-40% but after he scored his team's 13th point or so (we were playing to 15), he turns to me and says "dude, you're fouling me every time". And I'm like "what?" because I barely touched him. I don't use my arms on defense usually but I might have brushed his shoulders or arms a couple times.

And he's like "you're f---ing knocking my arms away every time" so I said whatever and we finished. I didn't want to touch him so he drove on my and won the game.

We get a rematch and now I'm guarding the high schooler and my teammates guarding college guy. Those two start arguing about who's fouling who, then college starts being a b!tch and won't play defense. He'd stand under the basket and foul my teammate if he drove. Whenever college was on offense, he'd complain about a foul. In the end we were up 14-9 or so and I hit my teammate for an easy basket, he was cutting in from the wing and I had just cleared the ball.

I'm looking away and the next thing I hear is "what the f--- is your problem" from my teammate. Then college says something like "don't curse at me or I'll tell your mom" and high schooler looks at me and was like these guys are idiots. I hear "i'm just as ugly as you are" (wtf??) from my teammate, then we finish after my teammate hits a three.

Point of the story: playing with douchebags sucks
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