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Default Re: Douchebags on the court.

Originally Posted by carpevicis
SERIOUSLY. I never call fouls, literally. I've been floored and hit the deck countless times and I never call a foul. My teammates come up to me and say "aren't you going to call that?" and I just say no and keep playing hard. I find it makes me tougher and it keeps the game flowing.

well shit if you get knocked to the ground you need to call that man. I mean if you just get owned (like guy just stuffs your shit) and you fall to the floor that's one thing... but if you just get totally body checked to the floor... I mean you have to call that. I'll call serious body checks and clear hacks. If it's close... then it just depends what the situation of the game is. If it's really close and near game point, I'll probably call it, but at the beginning or we up big/down big... then forget it just play on. A lot of the times they know they got you some tho and everyone stops playing and is wondering if I'm going to call it... at that point, sure give me the foul You just completely ruined the flow of the game so yea I'll take it up top lol.
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