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Default Re: The WNBA Noitu Lovers' take on LeBron's decision

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
I disagree. The Heat-Bulls rivalry has begun. Finally the Eastern conference has become relevant. It's gonna be one hell of a season.

Lets not get too excited about the Bulls, going .500 and squeaking by the lame ass Raptors for the 8 spot is hardly cause for them to vault ahead of Boston, Atlanta and Orlando.

A lot fo the excitement surrounding this team was the hype of a big time free agent plus the POTENTIAL of some of their young guys. But remember, 'potential' is a French word which means 'hasn't done shit yet.'

I see them finishing at very best 3rd, but also they could end up 5th or 6th. Boozer doesn't bring that much to the table.

RE LBJ, I am beginning to soften my stance a bit. Initially I felt cheated as a fan that he wouldn't step up and take his crack at being the GOAT and taking a CLE, NYK or CHI to the promise land, but if he can clearly establish himself as #1 in Miami, then there is hope. Right now, it still looks like Wade's team though, but knowing how Wade can be fragile, if LeBron were to step up (in lieu of a Wade injury) and the heat didn't miss a beat, then things could really take off for him.

Still don't like it, but I am going through an acceptance phase.
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