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Buy because the Lakers lost a lot of close games early in the year and that won't happen next season. They'll have a legitimate point guard who can defend. Kwame Brown will have productive season manning the center spot. Turiaf will bring hustle and energy. Walton, hopefully, will work on his perimeter shot. We'll be better than last season and if Odom is not traded and plays like he did post all-star break, we'll make the playoffs.

Who would that be????

Sell. Phoenix is a regular season team, much like the Indianapolis Colts. They will win the division, but lose in the playoffs.

PHX, for the last two years, have gotten to the WCF, and if healthy, have a high chance of doing so again, and possibly advancing. Funny how you comment on PHX as if they just go on and lose in the first round.:rollingeyes:
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