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Default Re: Playing With A Chip On My Shoulder

JMT was a little harsh and i didnt read through the entire threads between you and him but he is right about maximum effort and maximum focus on every drill, every shot and even every dribble. we always hear that quote it's about who wants it more.

if you demonstrated that, i don't think the coach would say much. heck , he would have nothing else to say besides a pat on the back.

there's always good cop bad cop shiet going on in the world of systematic training that's why most teams have at least two coaches. it works except in the NBA where players are valued over the coaches in most cases.

your coach is not an ass for talking negatively, you should think about as a player on that team, what have you contributed to the team to make him respect you first. I'm pretty sure you'll realize that you'll want to improve on your attitude, work ethic, and skills. would you rather be embarassed by your coach in practice or get embarassed by your opponet in a real game?

i've also played for many different type of coaches, to be honest the more militarized ones usually are the ones that came out with the best teams in the shortest amount of training time. There's no time for mistakes, it's either get better or get cut or benched. Your coach is not even up there in terms of discipline base on what you described. The worst record team that i've been on are the ones where we were all friends. i hope you get the idea.

Winning is not easy, people don't just sit around and hold hands then suddenly win the state championship. teams spent years on the court practicing, sweating, bleeding. sometimes you cant even tell whether it's sweat , tear or blood.(sounds cheesy but it's true)

if what your coach says bothers you that much, talk to him, tell him the level you want to play at and how can you achieve that under his system. if he brushes you away then time to find a new team. Be realistic and specific in terms of what you want to accomplish as well. im sure he'll tell you to fawk off if you just said i wana drain fadeaways like Kobe.

i dont want to put you down because i know how you feel and you are looking for moral support, but you gota try harder, and take initiative, let your actions speak for you. Best of luck!
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