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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Captain Kirk

Batman: Under The Red Hood

What's that other company called again? The one with the Hulk and Wolverine animated movie? Marbles? Hmm, I guess it doesn't really matter because Batman: Under The Red Hood can now be added as another awesome animated film to be released by DC Comics.

I like how DC movies (animated) explore so many different scenarios from the comics. We all know about Dick Grayson (1st Robin) and Tim Drake (3rd Robin), but few know of Jason Todd (2nd Robin), and that's where this movie begins and is all about. It also features Nightwing, Black Mask, and the Joker (who is at an all-time psycho).

The Red Hood is very Deadpool-like in this movie, so that was cool. The one thing that may throw some off is the different voices for characters we're used to sounding a different way, particularly the Joker. But at the end it's all good and if you enjoyed any of DC's other animated films then definitely check this one out. I rate this movie: very good

DL'd this the other day and keep forgetting to watch it. All of DC's Batman movies have been kick-ass, can't wait to see this one. DC def knows how to do animated movies.
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