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Right, The Minnesotta trade really hurt our team, I can see why we did the trade, we needed to get rid of our cancer in Mark Blount.

But the talent of Ricky Davis slipping away from our team really hurt, and Wally, although a Talented player, just isn't on Ricky's level.

A few good points would be
  • how we saw flashes of Gerald Green's immense skill area, he has shown he can be instant offense
  • Paul Pierce, the man showed he is a true superstar, he doesn't quit in games, he plays them with all heart.
  • Perkins strong improvement: Perk has got into shape, and he really showed it on the defensive end. He has a knack for blocking a sorts of shots
  • Delonte West: Shown he can play the point, he now has a lot more dynamic options, he is a fantastic shooter and has nice court vision
  • Tony Allen, Believe it or not, I think Tony Allen is a great player, it was nice to see him not quit even when he was lagging his athleticism behind, hopefully it will return soon.
  • Ryan Gomes: He has shown his true ability as a small big man, surprising us all. He didn't get real minutes until Blount was traded, and that worked well for us. Great versatile player

Am I right?

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