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Suprise: How the Clippers gelled as a team. At first I thought acquiring Cassell was a bad move and I thought he would be a cancer to the team but instead he gave this Elton Brand and the rest of the Clipper team the confidence we always lacked in the past. He brought swagger, and clutch, two things that were never seen before.

Quinton Ross - Losing Bobby Simmons actually allowed Ross to shine. His defense on Carmelo and Nash were very impressive in the playoffs. Ross is a decent shooter and never complains about his role. Blue collar guy. Unfortunately, I think a team will shell out the big bucks next season for his services.

Chris Kaman - His steady improvement since his rookie year is evident. The Kaveman had a couple games where he went for 20 and 20. The skill is there, he just has to be more consistent and stay out of foul trouble. Im suprised he is playing this well with ADD

Corey Maggette - he had a career year the season before, and I thought he would build on it and become a true scorer. Unfortunately, he was hit with a another injury plagued year and apparently has also lost some basketball IQ.

Cuttino Mobley - he is not the same player he was last season in Sacramento. There are times when he seems too passive and not in the flow of the offense but that could be due to the plays we run as well. The sprained hand obviously affected his shooting touch all season.
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