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Default Dose anyone here get on Xbox Live?

If so what game do you play online the most?

I just recently upgraded my Xbox Live account from silver to gold and played my 1st online game on Saturday night. I played just a quick game of Tiger Woods 2007 front 9 on Pebble Beach. What was cool is how the head set plugs directly into the wireless remote and you can talk to the person you are playing. I set up the game and all of a sudden someone accepts the invite and I hear this “hello is anyone there” in a very thick Australian ascent I said high to the guy and we started our game the whole time I was sitting there shooting the breeze with this Ausie I had never meet. I was utterly amazed Bill Gates is a frigging genius. Playstation had a huge jump start on the video game console market and I will admit I was a Playstation guy until I got my Xbox 360 and I don’t think I will ever go back Xbox360 has really done a marvelous job on the system and now I am hooked on online gaming just curious how many ISHrs are also Xbox Live gamers.

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