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Originally Posted by schyza
If so what game do you play online the most?

I just recently upgraded my Xbox Live account from silver to gold and played my 1st online game on Saturday night. I played just a quick game of Tiger Woods 2007 front 9 on Pebble Beach. What was cool is how the head set plugs directly into the wireless remote and you can talk to the person you are playing. I set up the game and all of a sudden someone accepts the invite and I hear this “hello is anyone there” in a very thick Australian ascent I said high to the guy and we started our game the whole time I was sitting there shooting the breeze with this Ausie I had never meet. I was utterly amazed Bill Gates is a frigging genius. Playstation had a huge jump start on the video game console market and I will admit I was a Playstation guy until I got my Xbox 360 and I don’t think I will ever go back Xbox360 has really done a marvelous job on the system and now I am hooked on online gaming just curious how many ISHrs are also Xbox Live gamers.

I am although my XBOX is currently being repaired after is finally failed me after 13 months ( I got mine on launch)

I play NBA2k7,Madden 07 and Tiger Woods 07 alot.

Tiger Woods is really fun to play with 4 people online.

Also if you have Gears of War, you can play CO-OP with another friend over Live, no lag or anything and no split screen, one plays Marcus the other plays Dominic.

box Live is great and MUCH MUCH better than anything Playstation has ever done.

Well woth the $50 bucks a year.
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