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Default Re: Can Seattle ever Get a New.........NOITULOVERS of the WORLD! REUNITE HERE

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
No offense to Charlotte fans, but I don't see a lot of young, talented pieces on that team after Gerald Wallace [who isn't even that young anymore] who CP3 could really work with.

You're not a believer in Shaun Livingston and Tyrus Thomas? If only we could be as young as the Celtics.

It's not gonna happen but the original rumor was exciting to think about:

As reported on (gotta love that name) The first trade would be Dampier's voidable 13 mil plus picks for CP3 on the condition of a second trade, Nazr Mohammed plus DJ Augustin plus picks for Emeka Okafor (Hornets want to get rid of his contract). Then a 3rd trade with Denver would be Wallace plus Diaw plus picks for Melo, thus uniting him with CP3 as he alluded to at his wedding.

CP3/Livingston/Sherron Collins
Stephen Jackson/Gerald Henderson/Matt Carroll
Melo/Derrick Brown/Stephen Graham

Not gonna happen (way, way into luxury tax hell), but a nice dream anyway.
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