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Default Re: The history of Sonics coaches... from a contemporary perspective

Originally Posted by Jasi
I would like people here to discuss about present coaches in the league.

Things like, who are the best ones in your opinion, whose system is most recognisable etc

I don't want all answers to be "Jackson and the triangle" I'd like a broader review, so let's make a list of questions:

1) Who's your favourite coach now and why?
2) Describe the system that your team's coach favours.
3) Among "young" coaches, who do you think has the brightest future?
4) What system would you use if you were an Nba coach?

Coaching in the NBA is very different to coaching in college, so the belief that some Xs and Os hardass is going to be the answer is laughable. Especially when you consider the fact that most pros play a lot more AAU ball than NCAA ball so their view of a coach is akin to a chaperon, not a father figure.

Doc Rivers impressed me this year. He showed incredible patience, and let his assistants (Tom Thibodeau) do a lot of work. He had many doubters in the past, and they all started creeping back this year, but he proved everyone wrong again and was a Kendrick Perkins injury away from an inconceivable victory.

People also underestimate the difficulty he had in coaching a lot of his players. Rasheed, KG, and Nate are notorious hot heads, and Rondo and Big Baby have been known to by flighty at times.

question 4 is simple as all teams run the same defense. since the lift on the zone defense ban (cheers Shaq!) teams play a 'aomeba defense' which is basically a match up zone with hard man principles. This is simply the evolution of help side, and drop down man defense and the perfect defense to play. a lot of helpside was illegal under the old rules. I would extend this to a 3/4 court press against teams with scoring PGs and three point shooting habits.
offensively I'd run a 4 perimeter 1 post, pen and pitch motion offense. Keep it simple and let the players improvise, making sure my stars got plenty of touch.
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