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based upon the strength of the pac10, I honestly didn't expect for my boyz to go undefeated... i agree with coach howland, who said (paraphrased, of course) that he didn't care about being no. 1 in the nation, but rather his goal was to be no. 1 in the Pac10... that pretty much guarantees a no. 1 seeding in the big dance... UCLA can handle it from there....

I gotta give massive props to Oregon for Saturday's game... they played out of their heads!! I've never seen a Duck hit so many so quick...

I'm not in any way discouraged... by the end of the conference schedule, it's a lock that no team will be undefeated, and that UCLA will be on top....

yeah, I'm calling it now!! UCLA tops the Pac10 for a second year in a row :-)
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