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Default Re: players nugs should target

Originally Posted by el gringos
Its not me hating on lawson- you should be realistic- jr smith could be and should be an nba starter, and is a legit nba scorer, its lawson that is an energy bench player at most- I don't get how you guys can't see how other teams defend the nugs players and why they do it
Are you under the impression that lawson is a better 3 point shooter than jr because of his percentage while shooting uncontested shots compared to teams covering jr and not wanting him to shoot?- in basketball there is always a reason why 1 guy would be uncovered so often and another would be covered so hard

Lawson is much better than JR Smith. He plays under control, goes all out on defense, is tough as nails and makes everyone on the court better. JR Smith is probably more TALENTED though
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