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Originally Posted by Bill Swerski
By particular abilities everybody sh!ts on everybody @ some point.

Kobe is the only human right now worthy of real, true, as you say "total package" comparison.

Lebron and Wade will get there, but not for @ least 7 more years.

From you own statements, the only aspects you can consider when comparing Kobe to Mike are his physical attributes. It's obvious, from the reasons mentioned above, that team success can not be taken into account (Wade would already have at least a similar argument by leading Miami to the title). As a pure offensive weapon, Kobe is amazing, the past season was proof of that. But even if we only look at this aspect, Wade and LeBron are, practically, on the same page. They've both had amazing performances throughout the playoffs while leading their respective teams, so what makes Kobe stand out?

And if we're talking physical attributes and individual game - even if I might agree that Kobe is the best offensive weapon in the game, as a "Jordan fan back from chi", you still shouldn't compare them: Jordan was an incredible defender his entire career, Kobe is an average one at best.

There's no real argument in your posts to support Kobe being more "worthy" of a comparison to MJ than Wade and LeBron (and as I said, I don't think any such comparison is warranted).
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