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Default Re: So people on the NBA forum think JJ is better than Yao

Originally Posted by YouGotServed
Yeah that's one thing I hate. But I guess they have a point. One thing I really can't stand is idiots who think a 7'6 center should be able to dunk everything, block everything, and move like you were 6'6. Yao gets a dunk "well yeah guy's like 10 ft tall, it doesn't impress me". Yao gets blocked "lol, what a scrub, Yao is just soft" They don't appreciate the game, if you look at every center that was Yao Ming's height, they've pretty much been stiffs....they couldn't move for shit like Shawn Bradley. Yao is pretty fast for a guy his height/weight.

Yea Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol, Rick Smits, Roy Hibbert, they all move terrible. That guy who was supposed to be coming to the league, Sun Ming Ming; I saw him get hung and he couldn't run. Kenny George is someone else who could barely move and do stuff.
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