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Default Re: So people on the NBA forum think JJ is better than Yao

Originally Posted by mattevans11
the trolls have made it pretty unbearable..... they find a way to put the agendas in threads that have nothing to do with their agenda and tehy make it that way.

then people respond to them, which makes it even worse

Another thing I hate are the idiots who think every word a players says is important.

Matt Boner: LeBron James is still the best players in the league.

Brandon Jennings: Kobe is the best in the league.

*insert scrub player*: The Heat is the team to beat

Those type of threads just need to stop.

Originally Posted by Q.E.C
Yea Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol, Rick Smits, Roy Hibbert, they all move terrible. That guy who was supposed to be coming to the league, Sun Ming Ming; I saw him get hung and he couldn't run. Kenny George is someone else who could barely move and do stuff.

Exactly, there's never been a guy 7'6+ player who can move the Yao does.

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