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Default Re: Can Seattle ever Get a New.........NOITULOVERS of the WORLD! REUNITE HERE

Originally Posted by boozehound
can they trade koufus in a package? ANyhoo, nice to see you all here. Greg Monroe had an excellent final game in summer league and I was pretty pleased by him overall. Still pining for cousins, but oh well. I am really intrigued to see what Joe D does with his remaining MLE and any possible trades. Not very many FA 4/5s Im keen on.
i'm not exactly sure... i'm not that familar with the CBA. But right now it looks like the only way to get players here to cleveland is through trades... in FA it looks like we'd have to overpay because no one wants to come to cleveland (the bastards ) and our front office doesn't want to overpay, not that i'm mad about that
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