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Default Re: NFL players who never really lived up to the hype, but still had solid careers?

Originally Posted by knickballer
Reggie Bush was the 2nd overall pick, he was considered the consensus 1st overall pick as well. He was being compared to Faulk, Sanders, etc.. Everyone thought he was going to be great. One of the most hyped prospects ever probably.

I agree here with knickballer.

Many considered Bush to be the next great thing -- the new era of football b/c of his style and game. Many had way too high of expectations for Bush. He was unbelievable in college and many expected him to bring that to the NFL.

I remember EVERYONE had him going no. 1 overall to the Texans, then when Houston and Mario Williams agreed on a deal before the draft even began, it was crazy how muc jcrap the Texans took first for passing on Bush (and VY) in favor of Williams.

If you consider the amount of hype Reggie Bush received coming out of college, then you could say he belongs in the discussion here. It's amazing how quickly everyone accepted the fact that he's just a glorified returner and receiving back. The most rushing yards he's ever had in one season was 581 (on a 3.7 ypc avg)
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