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I mean I didn't cut off everyone, it's not like I'm secluded and friendless, it's just that people know I'm usually busy and don't have alot of free time so we just don't hang out alot. I still do stuff like talk and yes I read magazines and stuff and some books but it's not like I go to the library and start working through every novel. I just meant that I have a focus on basketball and it has priorities over some of the other stuff I could be doing.

I still look forward to playing ball. I took 2 days off and just chilled and it was terrible. I couldn't stop thinking about when I could get back and work on my shot. It's like I'm always thinking something related to basketball, it was never my job and I never considered it work - I enjoy practicing even though it's really tough for me.

And yeah Swaggin you bet I'll keep working on my game. Rake2204 said I was putting all my eggs in one basket but to be honest I don't really have another basket to put them into. I love this game and yeah, I could just stop playing and start "preparing for a legit life" but I know if I stop then I'll regret it later. I'd rather fail trying to be good at something I really love than succeed with regrets. I mean, would I even be succeeding if I had those regrets?

I just needed some time to think about my situation, I guess.
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